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Bragg Creek AA Retreat 

The Upper Room Communications Bragg Creek AA Retreat Library
Each AA Retreat set is complete & consists of up to 9 individual recordings in a CD wallet or as MP3s on 1 disc
2002 Judge Jon H. - Portland OR.
  CDs                  MP3 Disc
$70                       $35

In this 1st Annual Fellowship of the Spirit AA Retreat, Jon helps us work through the 12 steps of the Big Book as the first 100 in "AA" did.
8 CDs - 8 MP3s
2003 Judge Jon H. - Portland OR.
  CDs                  MP3 Disc
$75                       $35

In this 2nd Annual F.O.T.S AA Retreat, Jon shares the History of "AA" in depth, & Specific "Aids to Recovery".
9 CDs - 9 MP3s
2004 Bob D. - Las Vegas, NV.
  CDs                  MP3 Disc
$75                       $45

In this 3rd Annual F.O.T.S. Retreat, Bob explores the process of Recovery in "AA" and imparts a clear strategy for the process
9 CDs - 8 MP3s
2005 Martin O. - Toronto, ON.
  CDs               MP3 Disc
$60                       $35

Martin brings us back to "the program in the book" in this 4th Annual F.O.I.S "AA" Retreat- You'll be Inspired

7 CDs - 7 MP3s
2006 Jim B. - Jamestown, NY.
  CDs               MP3 Disc
$60                      $35

Jim's compassion and gentle spirit ease us into the challenge of self discovery. - His experience conducting Joe & Charlie "AA" Seminars forms a solid foundation
7 CDs - 7 MP3s
2007 Mauri G. - Toronto, ON.
  CDs               MP3 Disc
$60                      $35

Mauri's capacity to connect with our frailty opens doors of self-discovery. - She has extensive experience conducting Big Book Studies
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