Mp3 Downloading Frequently Asked Questions

Question/: I paid at Paypal then expected my links to be sent to me, but they never came. 

Answer/: Upper Room Communication's Mp3 Download system is designed to be fully automated and instantaneous.

Here's how it works.
Once you navigate Paypal's system and complete payment, you may be automatically returned to our website and receive your links.      BUT Not Always !


Sometimes you may have to click an orange button marked  "DOWNLOAD LINKS - You MUST Click here to get Download links".

 It will likely look like this:

click the link marked  "DOWNLOAD LINKS - You MUST Click here to get Download links" Your links will be instantly displayed in your browser window, or you will redirected automatically. This also triggers the e-mails containing the links to be sent.

This link MUST be clicked and you MUST NOT browse away from the page until you have your links. Doing so will break the chain and you will then have to contact us to arrange delivery of your links.  Taking too long to click the final link will cause Paypal to "Time-Out" and your links will be lost. , contact us. .

Since this is a fully automated system, and not continuously monitored, we only know of a failed delivery when we are notified by the confused and unhappy customer. , contact us. 

So the simple rule is Click until your links appear. 

Please! Don't browse away. If nothing happens, contact us. There is no one here watching every download transaction. If it fails for you, please let us know and be patient, we respond as quickly as possible. If it's middle of the night in our time zone (Canada West Coast) we probably aren't checking e-mail for notifications.

If the automatically generated links are missed, we must manually prepare a set since the trigger comes from Paypal and they by this time are out of the loop. We sometimes 'catch'  a stalled delivery by chance and may intervene without you even knowing, but not likely. , contact us. 

Unfortunately, if you do nothing, sometimes weeks can pass and if we are not informed that links never came, we simply never know. Once we know, all we can do is make and deliver you some links. , contact us.