Bio-Energetics Toolkit - MP3-A24 - Guided Relaxation

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Bioenergetics Tool - MP3-A24 - Guided Relaxation Exercise
Give Yourself a Refreshing 20 Minute 'Get-away'
Upper Room's Guided Relaxation & Meditation Recording © 2001

A wonderful way to escape the relentless grip of today's stressful way of life.

A carefully scripted and exactingly produced mix of "Soothing Environmental Sounds", rich orchestral music beds, and the calming vocal style of recording producer/artist Don Soucy, leading the listener through a scientifically developed series of BIO-ENERGETIC exercises designed to release the muscle spasms and stresses locked in your body's muscles and tendons and readily allow calmness and peacefulness to return
Almost 20 min. long .
**** Used in Treatment Centers and in hundreds of homes and groups ****