Upper Room Communications is Western Canada's "Premiere" Conference Recording Company.

Our association with Alcoholics Anonymous began in 1982 resulting in a catalog of over 1000 unique recordings of AA and Al-Anon speakers, with more added every year, available to anyyone, but especially to members of Alcoholics Anonymous, the Al-Anon family groups, and others concerned with recovery from the disease of Alcoholism through the principles of the program found in the Book called "Alcoholics Anonymous".

Our goals as a creator and distributor of high quality audio recordings are simply these:

To deliver the message of hope to recovering and still suffering alcoholics and their families, at a reasonable cost and as quickly and effectively as the postal systems allow.
- To find ways to absorb the cost of shipping to make our products more affordable.
- To strive to ship purchases the same or next day.
- To be sure our marketing is direct and transparent.

We are blessed to be an integral part of the "AA" and "Al-Anon" community in western Canada for these past 25 years, and since 1999 the world wide community of "Alcoholics Anonymous" through our websites on the Internet. For some we provide access to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings unavailable to them due to their location, or circumstance.

We are very gratified with the demand for Big Book Studies on CD in the USA. We ship CD sets to anonymous alcoholics in Houston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Baltimore, California, Colorado, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Maryland, San Antonio, San Diego, Massachusetts, Pittsburgh, Ohio and pretty much the entire USA.

So perhaps we could claim to be North America's Alcoholics Anonymous source for CDs.
Through word of mouth, we have reached around the world, and are available to Alcoholics in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Antigua, and many EU countries.

As our animated logo (to the left) shows we deliver AA to the world.

Our Recordings are used in group studies, recovery centers, treatment programs, countless private homes and of course thousands of cars, trucks and RV's for traveling listeners.

Among the professions we serve are doctors, lawyers, teachers, judges, government officials, politicians, construction workers, addiction counselors, business owners, manufacturers, artists, photographers, architects and so on as the disease of Alcoholism knows no boundaries or social limits.

Over these past two and one half decades, we have attended an average of 30 to 40 AA weekend roundups or conventions every year. Al-Anon Family groups have used our services to record quite a number of their conventions.

We have "suited up" and "showed up" at many times when it would have been more pleasurable to spend the weekend basking in the sun, or playing with our grandchildren.

The work we do with "Alcoholics Anonymous" & Al-Anon, is our service to society and an expression of our gratitude for the serenity and peace we have been given in our daily experience.

Of the many events we have recorded, none has impacted so many lives as has the
Joe & Charlie Big Book Studies

From the first Alberta seminar in 1992, and again in 1995, 1997 and 1999, we have watched the inspired presentation of these two "AA" "old-timers" develop into a world-wide phenomenon.

In 2003 we recorded Charlie and Joe one last time in Red Deer Alberta, and this series of 10 CDs
has since become our 'Flagship'.

Each week we ship numerous sets of Big Book Study CDs to eager seekers across the North American Continent, and to countries around the world, and since making the recordings available as MP3 Downloads at a fraction of the cost of CDs we have seen a steady growth of interest in this effective mode of delivery.

Of course Joe and Charlie's Big Book Study is only one of the "in demand" products available as CDs,and MP3 Downloads from our On-line sales areas. We have also recorded many other popular "Alcoholics Anonymous" roundup speakers such as Clancy I., Cec C., Sandy B., Nancy B., Fr. Tom W., Mickey B., Rev Ed M., Opie O., and Al-Anon speakers such as Arbutus O., Mary R., Sue D. and the list goes on and on.

We are slowly digitizing the more than 1000 cassette master tapes we have recorded during our 25 years of serving AA and Al-Anon, and as these are processed, we add them to our CD and MP3 Download catalogs
We recently added over 200 new titles to our MP3 Download page.

Other popular weekend events we have participated in are several series of retreats where the focus is on the 12 steps of "Alcoholics Anonymous", personal recovery from alcoholism and addictive behaviors, Alcoholics Anonymous History, and experiencing the "Big Book's" promises of a happy, joyous and free lifestyle for alcoholics and their families.

The Annual AA Mother's Day Retreats, held each spring in St. Albert, AB. and the Bragg Creek retreats in the Kananaskis mountains near Calgary are two such packages we offer.

Another event we are privileged to serve at is the Annual "Blue Print for Recovery" seminar held in February in Vancouver, BC. In 2007 Chris R. from Ingram Texas led the seminar & shared his amazing insights into recovery/

And speaking of Vancouver, there are no words to describe the excitement of over 2700 people sharing their experience strength and hope at the NorthShore Roundup at the Hyatt Regency in Vancouver every Easter. Truly an awesome set of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.
Unless of course it's the atmosphere at the Banff Spring Roundup in the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

The speaker lineup is 2nd to none, and this roundup is a jewel in the crown of Alcoholics Anonymous.
You'll find the listing for these recordings in the CD,and MP3 Downloadscatalogs.

Upper Room Communications was at the Annual Calgary Gratitude Roundup in Alberta Canada in 2007, where we recorded Clancy I., K.C.C., Sharon C among others.

The links on this page will take you to the catalogs and order pages where you can browse our collections, and order using your credit card, the popular Paypal system, or if desired by sending us a cheque or money order.

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