Dave & Polly P. AA - CD-Z34-35 -Traditions in Relationships (2CD

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Dave & Polly P. AA - CD-Z34-35 -
"Traditions in Relationships" 2k5 Fraser Valley Rally (2CDs)

Dave & Polly share a unique outlook on applying the 12 Traditions of AA to their personal relationship. A proven formula for success that works!

Dave & Polly are as different as night and day. She's a real people person, who loves to spend a lot of time with her many sponsees while Dave loves hiking and exploring the great outdoors.
But the strategy they have developed for sharing their lives and allowing each other to follow their own path through recovery is a powerful glue which strengthens them as individuals, and ensures their survival as a married couple.

This 2 CD set packaged in a vinyl album will help you to develop a simple and effective guidebook to help solve the challenges of managing personal relationships.

As Dave says " You can be right or you can be Happy. - It's hard to be both".

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