Joe & Charlie Big Book Study PKG #3 - 10 CDs - Shipping Included

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This is the Famous Joe & Charlie Big Book Study.

Recorded in 2003 in Red Deer, it is the last time these two amazing OldTimers held their life-changing seminar in Alberta.

This link takes you to our "Legacy" site where you can listen to a number of selected audio clips from Disc 1 and find out more about the Excellent attributes of this product.

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Captured in digital purity, this "easy to listen to" set of recordings fills 10 CDs with over 12 hours of attention grabbing Discovery and Recovery!

Each of the 10 Discs is "Indexed" into 16 - five minute tracks so you can instantly find any listening position for use in personal or group study

We ship hundreds of these CD Sets throughout North America and around the world every year.
It's fair to say these two men have affected hundreds of thousands of people with their simple message.

That message?

YOU CAN RECOVER! And live a life Happy Joyous and Free!

Packaged in a durable zipper wallet distinctively labelled and each set now includes a free bonus CD of a top Roundup Speaker.

And as an Extra added bonus, FOR A LIMITED TIME
we are including at NO EXTRA COST
A CD of the Complete Big Book Study as MP3 Files (Sold on this site for $25.00)
to make it incredibly easy to transfer your recordings to your computer or iPod.

We've just made this package worth a fortune and haven't added a dime to the cost.

Here's What you get for only $59.99

1. The 10 CD set of the entire 12 Hour Big Book Study
Recorded in stunning digital clarity

2. The Attractively and Distinctively Labelled CDs are
packaged in a durable zipper wallet with
Extra sleeves to hold up to a total of 24 CDs

3. A 12 page set of Printed Worksheets allowing you to visually
follow along as Joe & Charlie Take YOU Through the
first 164 pages of this Wonderful Book

4. A FREE Bonus CD of a top Roundup Speaker
(worth $12.00 elswhere on our sites)

5. An ADDED FREE Bonus of the MP3 File version of these same recordings
(This is sold elswhere on this site for $25.00)

(This costs us $18.80 OR MORE!!

You do the math. $80.00 (regular cost of the CD set PLUS $2.00 for the copied handouts PLUS $12.00 Bonus CD PLUS $25.00 MP3 Disc PLUS $18.80. FREE FAST SHIPPING)


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