Joe & Charlie Big Book Study PKG #2 - MP3 Disc - 10 MP3 Files

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This is the Famous Joe & Charlie Big Book Study.
Recorded in 2003 in Red Deer, it is the last time these two amazing OldTimers held their life-chaging seminar in Alberta.
Captured in digital purity, this easy to listen to set of recordings consists of 10 MP3 files on a single Disc, in high quality MP3 format, providing over 12 hours of attention grabbing Discovery and Recovery!
Our customers listen to hundreds of these recordings throughout North America and around the world every year.
It's fair to say these two men have affected hundreds of thousands of people with their simple message.
That message?
YOU CAN RECOVER! And live a life, Happy, Joyous and Free

Now thoughtfully produced and packaged each Disc contains 10 folders each corresponding to to each of the 10 CDs which make up the original recordings.
The tracks are clearly and usefully named according to the disc number ( 1 through 10) and the individual tracks ( 16 five minute tracks make up each disc). Each of the 10 Discs is thus "Indexed" into 16 - five minute tracks so you can instantly find any listening position for use in personal or group study


and so on

You can load these onto your iPod, store them on your computer hard drive or burn them to individual CDs.

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