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Grande Prairie launched their 1st Big Book Study Weeekend Retreat with Peter M. from Union New Jersey
Peter brings a wealth of experience in Recovery through working the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.
He shares from his personal strength & hope the events and choices which enable him to live happy, joyous and free.
Peter unabashedly declares thate he is a "Recovered Alcoholic", then goes on to explain exactly what that means.
The strength of his AA lineage comes through this 5 message set of recordings.

This product consists of 5 full length messages, each approximately 80 minutes long, on a single Compact Discs as MP3 encoded files.
The messages are indexed into 5 minute segments to permit easy location of any listening position.
Listen on your Laptop or transfer to youe iPod - even burn your own individual CDs with these high quality MP3 files.