Chris R. AA - MP3-BPFR2k7 - 2k7 BluePrint for Recovery(5 MP3s)

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Chris R. AA - MP3-BPFR2k7 - 2k7 BluePrint for Recovery(5 MP3s)

Chris is one of our most popular Book Study Speakers

Controversial, Outspoken, and Right-to-the-Point, he calls it like he sees it.

And what Chris sees is an urgent need to get back to the basics of recovery.

Reading and studying the Big book of Alcoholics Anonymous,
Doing The Twelve Steps "in order"
Getting a sponsor and building that relationship
and doing 12 step work right from the get-go

People either love Chris and agree with his message, which while sounding tough, is delivered with love, or they simply can't stand him.
It's funny though, most of those who agree with him have solid recovery going for them.

We're thrilled to have recorded Chris several times and especially excited about this 2007 BluePrint for Recovery weekend workshop.
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All formats have each 'disc set' indexed into 15 five minute segements for ease of study.